Become A Member

In order to qualify for membership* in El Paso VOAD, an organization must:

  • Operate in El Paso County
  • Have a voluntary membership and constituency and 501(c)(3) status
  • Have a disaster response program and policies for commitment of resources to meet the needs of people affected by disaster without discrimination.

Member organizations are asked to make a modest annual contribution. Meetings are held on a quarterly basis with the annual meeting taking place in April.

Click on the link below to download an organizational profile to submit for membership.

Organization Profile

Fax the form to 915-592-8176, email to or mail to:

American Red Cross El Paso Chapter
c/o Mark Matthys
P.O. Box 972236, El Paso, TX 79997-2236

For membership questions contact Mark Matthys at 592-0208 ext. 222

* Partner organizations are also welcome to attend meetings and participate on committees. Partner organizations are governmental or commercial entities who have a vested interest in disaster preparedness, response, recovery and/or mitigation. Partner organizations have a voice but not a vote in El Paso VOAD, and are not asked to pay annual dues.


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